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An initial consultation is held before embarking on our work together. This helps to understand the symptoms, conditions and how you think, learn, aspire and experience things. It is essential in understanding the situation and practical steps of how we will work together and the possible number of sessions. 

Sessions are a combination of therapeutic healing and coaching sessions that not only get to the root of the problem but proactively move you forward. If you are interested in stand-alone therapies or coaching, these are also available.

In order for our work to have maximum impact on your life I recommend commitment to multiple sessions, for which block bookings of 6 sessions are available - the real work happens when intention and commitment are aligned.



In-person or Online individual sessions

First session: 90mins £130

Subsequent sessions: 60mins £100 

                                       90mins £130


Combination package 6 x 90min sessions £720

1:1 Coaching package 6 x 60min sessions £600

1:1 Coach Supervision package 6 x 60min sessions £600

Enquire for Group Supervision and Corporate prices

Other packages individually priced - see relevant page

"I work in Learning and Development, and have attended countless workshops and coaching sessions, but none have had an impact as profound as the sessions I had with Runa. Her skilful methods and ability to really hear me and connect me to myself and my true values have helped me make a life changing decision and take steps in the right direction while staying true to who I am."

L. Pilja, Organisational Development Manager (Network Rail)

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