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Healing Attunements

Healing attunement are super-charged healing sessions and they are an extremely powerful way to make changes in your life. They use similar high-frequency energies used in Reiki initiations, but only for healing. This process opens energy pathways through which powerful, higher-frequency healing energies can flow and are programmed to work over time.  

Using the Incan chakra clearing system to cleanse and heal the chakras from old issues and negative energies, I then programme the healing attunement to work over time. If you are not used to running high frequency energy then you may need to receive one attunement at a time.

The Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex, and there are seven major chakras in the human energy body. The healing attunements take place on the chakra's where healing energies can be most easily absorbed or released. 


The two chakras associated with your physical energies: 

  • The Root chakra - related to your basic survival instinct and feeling of security. It can trigger issues about money, your home and job or your physical body.

  • The Sacral chakra - relates to physical sensations and sexuality. Issues of intimacy and sex, food, appetite and other sensual pleasures are held here.



The two chakras related to emotional energies:

  • The Solar Plexus chakra - relates to issues to do with your feelings and beliefs about yourself such as autonomy, life purpose, will power and self esteem

  • The Heart chakra - links to your ability to love unconditionally, giving and receiving, compassion for others and loving and accepting yourself



The two chakras associated with your mental energies:

  • The Throat chakra - throws up issues about communication and self-expression

  • The Brow chakra - issues raised might include psychic and spiritual awareness, intuition and insight, and your recognition of yourself as a unique individual consciousness



The chakra linked with your spiritual energies:

  • The Crown Chakra -  deals with issues about knowledge and wisdom, as well as your capacity to understand on a deeper more spiritual level, including the desire to explore aspects of the mystical and the connection with all life.

Duration: 4 x 90 minute sessions

Incan Chakra Cleansing (without healing attunements)

Duration: 2 x 90 minute sessions

"Runa is a truly gifted healer, the best I've ever been blessed to share time and space with. Gentle, kind and caring, she has a warm open heart and the biggest, brightest spirit. My whole being has transformed since my session with Runa and I shall be eternally grateful."

Harry Myers (Actor)

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