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Conscious Manifestion

We create our reality whether consciously or unconsciously.  The problem isn't that we cannot manifest, we manifest all the time, the true challenge is how we can become conscious creators of our lives rather than dependent on luck or external factors.

Solar Eclipse

Using a combination of psycho-spiritual, therapeutic and transformational methods including hypnosis, coaching and energy healing; this 6-session manifestation programme will help you to powerfully align to your souls purpose, connect you to your innate navigation system, harmonise you with the energetic fields of the universe, and tune you in to the synchronicities that will guide you towards the opportunities presented in life.

Programme includes:

  • 6 one-to-one sessions designed specifically to your own manifestation needs

  • Intention Alignment healings to energetically align you to your souls purpose

  • Techniques to surface the very things that are getting in the way 

  • Getting to know your shadow and clearing the way 

  • Tools to fine tune and bring clarity to exactly what you want 

  • Hypnosis to plant the seeds of your desires into your creating force

  • Coaching to ensure you are moving forward

  • Experiential mentoring to create the very life you want to live

Each individual’s journey is unique and the programme is tailored to work according to your own  personal circumstances.

Duration: 6 x 90 minute sessions

Cost: £680

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