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Pachakuti Mesa Healing

The Pachakuti Mesa is a system of medicine rooted in traditional Peruvian shamanic practices of sacred relationship with nature, earth, and the cosmos. 

Its tradition is grounded in the recognition that we are all part of a greater living system, wherein our growth, and our very survival, depends on learning to live in sacred reciprocity and balance with the rest of the universe.


It is a powerful spiritual system that holds together the energies of the cardinal directions, the tutelary spirit guides, power animals, the four elements, and the intelligence of nature. It holds together healing energies, teachings of the upper middle and lower worlds, mystical wisdom, and connects to the universal and luminous energy field.

Trained in the Q’ero lineage of shamanic wisdom teachings and initiated as a Pachakuti Mesa Carrier, I use this spiritual cosmology within a contemporary framework in which I make connection between ancient spiritual practices and modern therapeutic practices.


The Pachakuti Mesa is the fruition of the shamanic vision of sharing sacred medicine practices across the world


  • 4 one-to-one healing sessions, harnessing the energies of the consecrated Mesa

  • Each session works on the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental healing (in that order) to bring you back into balance

  • Coaching and support in processing and understanding the issues that arise as a result of the healing

  • 4 distant healing sessions to maintain the healing


Duration: 4 x 90 minute sessions plus 4 x 30 minute remote sessions

"Even after only a few weeks of Pachakuti Mesa healing with Runa I felt more confident and things got much clearer. The sessions were very powerful. This has been an important step on my self-discovery journey and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to experience this. Runa's guidance was very wise and she gave me great advice to help me to keep on my transformation pathway after the sessions finished."

Mari Meirelles

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