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Runa is always a calm, insightful presence in supervision. She sets the ground for a new group to work together with ease and  inspiration. It never feels formulaic. I truly value Runa’s authenticity, her ability to make space for everyone lightly, her intuitive nature and her astuteness in noticing what is and isn’t happening in supervision. I am so grateful to have supervision with someone who can hold levels of discomfort experienced by others, especially when it comes to the nature of diversity and privilege among so many coaches. I am so glad you will continue to provide supervision in the NHS.

Liz Price. Leadership Coach (Group Coach Supervision)

I value Runa's encouragement to dig deep within myself for my own hidden resources. She has an inspirational style which promotes deep thinking and she knows how to get the best out of me. While she has a serene and nurturing demeanour, she does not shy away from astute questioning. This combination encourages me to reach deeply within myself to discover solutions and insights. I always feel supported and inspired by Runa and have become a better coach as a result of supervision with her. Runa’s skill at asking the right questions also role model the things I need to do myself. She does not get caught up in my energy and retains her wise counsel and useful questioning throughout. 

Marie O'Riordan, Journalist and Executive Coach (Coach Supervision)

Runa has been inspirational and motivating. I have never trusted anyone nor believed in a process so rapidly. Runa is a creative artist expertly transcending between traditional and healing coaching. I was open to every element and applying techniques between sessions consolidated my practice. There has been a significant shift to my approach. I thank you deeply Runa, for your time, energy, alchemy and believing in me. You have been a gift; your warmth and astute sensitivity are a delight to work with.

Director of Allied Health Professionals (Leadership Development Coaching)

Runa has a real talent for putting people at ease whilst at the same time invisibly guiding them to go beyond their perceived comfort boundaries. Runa’s subtle and very professional facilitation skills quickly turns even the most reluctant and sceptical clients into fully engaged and open participants, even better if you are open to new ways of thinking and seeing yourself and others.

Peter Burnett, Chief Operating Officer (Executive Coaching)

Being coached by Runa was a joy. Our sessions were focused, productive and revealing. I looked forward to them immensely. Runa is an exceptionally gifted guide to work with, as she skillfully integrates and applies a broad spectrum of knowledge, wisdom and passion to help you discover your own. I highly recommend her if you wish to open your capacity, perspective and fullness for your life direction.

Venetia Clarke, Conscious Dance Facilitator, DJ & Bodywork Practitioner (Transpersonal Coaching)

Runa has made a lot of difference in my life – through coaching she has supported my development and helped me to structure my goals. I appreciate that Runa keeps challenging my thoughts which promote new ways of thinking and she empowers me to take on new ideas. She has helped me to feel more confident about myself, skills and the type of leader I am – and whilst it is hard for me to remove my feelings she has coached me to see things in a new way without discounting my feelings. She has been an important part of my leadership journey in the NHS.

R. Krishnan, Management Consultant (Leadership Coaching)

Runa provides energy healing treatments to the women at our refuge who have survived domestic violence and it has been inspiring to see the effects of her work.  Most of the women, despite experiencing trauma, have never accessed any form of therapy so the experience was very new for them. Runa created a safe, calm space for them. The women felt lighter, more peaceful and at ease after each session. Runa is attuned to the women's individual needs and has brought about positive changes in their mood. The women at Asha have been very fortunate to benefit from Runa's healing along with her warm, sensitive approach.
Ayndrilla Singharay, Asha Projects Asian Women’s Refuge

I work in Learning and Development, and have attended countless workshops and coaching sessions, but none have had an impact as profound as the sessions I had with Runa. Her skilful methods and ability to really hear me and connect me to myself and my true values have helped me make a life changing decision and take steps in the right direction while staying true to who I am.

L. Pilja, Organisational Development Manager (Network Rail)

It's an honour to cross paths with this amazing healer woman. She's been using ancient knowledge and healing techniques way before she even started her professional career.

Sylvia Ch (Intention Alignment)

Runa is very gifted healer and a truly magnificent human being.  Her gifts as an empath and ability to intuitively connect to what your highest needs are is just mind blowing. She combines different healing techniques to tailor the session to what is needed. I will be back! Thank you.

Sarka Elias, Musician & Vocal Coach (Shamanic Healing)

I don't really know if my words are enough. I went to see Runa not really knowing what to expect. I went when I was lost. I went when I was at my lowest. I went at my heaviest. I went needing help but not knowing what kind of help. And honestly after a few session I still wasn't sure I'd found the answer! But along the way something changed. I don't want to sound cliché, but something clicked and everything started to work out. We went on a journey. Emotional at times but so worth it. The end result... 'I AM A NEW MAN'!!! I found the love I'd lost for myself. I found my mojo. I found out I knew what I needed to do, I always knew, I just lost my way! And without Runa's help who knows how much longer I would've lasted.

Now - I'm losing weight, I'm more positive than I've ever been, I'm not missing the old ways, I'M HAPPY! and I owe it to Runa. Thank you.

Danny (was 29.5 stone, soon to have a six pack!)

I have received several healing sessions from Runa and every time I've had very powerful experiences. This time I had the pleasure of experiencing a gong healing session, which was absolutely amazing. Within minutes I was carried off into a deep meditative state, felt how dense energies and emotions were lifting and dissolved with the vibrations of the gong. Runa's intuition and her ability to be there for you during the sessions is very authentic. I highly recommend experiencing a gong session with Runa. 

Grazina Zizaite, Commercial Manager Sustainable Energy (Gong Healing)

Runa is lovely to work with, she is professional, intelligent, intuitive, highly gifted, has great ability to understand what I mean and explains herself clearly in response. She holds space with care and love. I trust her fully and through hypnotherapy work I have been taken to some very insightful places. I would totally recommend her and look forward to working with her again!

Finn Petcher, Musician (Shadow Work)

Runa has such beautiful and gentle energy, yet very deep and powerful at the same time. Runa is a true gem, with integrity and skill, and I highly recommend her to anyone who feels like some help to shift themselves into a better space, clear old problems, and accelerate their transformation.

Dr. Joy Lovesy

Runa is a truly gifted therapist. I participated in her Intention Alignment Activation and it was simply stunning. Runa has such a calming, caring and intuitive approach. Her voice is so hypnotic and really helps you to go deep with the work. I would recommend Runa to anyone wanting to reconnect to their divine essence and soul purpose. She guided our group expertly and I felt blessed to have experienced her work.

Emma Gosling (Intention Alignment)

I entered into a meditation with Runa more successful than any I've ever achieved on my own. It not only had me walking on air afterwards but also made me question the nature of life! She is a completely wholehearted practitioner who I can't recommend enough. Get her in your life!

Dan Lloyd (Past Life Regression)

Runa has been an excellent mentor and made the hypnosis transition easy and powerful. She is friendly, caring, inspirational and thoughtful. I have benefitted greatly from the sessions and have seen immediate results. I am more confident in groups of people and in public speaking. 

Lorena (Public Speaking and Social Anxiety)

I would like to express how grateful I am for everything you have done for me. For the past 6 years I have suffered from a terrible marijuana addiction, which has affected every part of my life. In the past I have tried many ways to stop but to no avail until I came across hypnosis. I was very sceptical but so desperate that I took the plunge. I then had my first session and was surprised of the transformation that occurred in me. From day one my life has changed dramatically for the better. I now have the confidence to get on with my life. I would say to anyone who is thinking about hypnosis, do it now and don't put it off any longer. You have a friendly, professional therapist who can actually make a difference and CURE your problem, which I always thought was something I would have to live with. Many thanks to you.
Veronique (Marijuana Addiction)

After each session, I felt something vital and a deep shift within me, so that by my final hypnosis session I left excited and joyful about the prospect of never seeing a cigerette again. Runa is a thoughtful, dynamic and positive therapist, highly professional and intuitive. I am a non-smoker. 

Joelle, Poet & Performer (Smoking Cessation)

I came to seek help for low self-esteem. I have attended 6 sessions with Runa and I have to admit that the hypnotherapy had a significant effect on my life. It made me stronger as a person. I started to realise that I became happier and happier after each treatment. I started to find solutions, I have become more outspoken and am ready to undertake more responsible tasks. In social encounters I am more relaxed and happier to participate. I see myself as a much more outgoing person. I am confident that I will yet achieve many great things in life. Thank you very much Runa for all your efforts.

Aleksa (Self-esteem and Confidence)

It was a very relaxing and pleasant experience. Hypnosis gave me an opportunity to go into my subconscious mind and find the roots of my problem, With this awareness, I am ready to confront my phobia and forget about it once and for all. Runa, thank you for your guidance and understanding. 

Beata (Entomophobia/Insect Phobia)

A pleasure to take such a journey safely & so deeply relaxed under the guidance of such a trustworthy & heartfelt healer. I can recommend her therapies to anyone with absolute confidence in her ethics. I would love to experience further such exploration, knowing how much more I could learn about my deeper self.

Dan Lambert (Past Life Regression)

Runa effortlessly combines strength and gentleness in her healing practise. I found her to be extremely attentive and to practise with a sense of deep attunement. Thank you! 

Rhian Davies

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