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Leadership Coaching


Professionally certified as a senior coach practitioner and coach supervisor with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, I bring a wealth of therapeutic and healing practices together with transformative coaching to form an integral part of the work we do together; whether it's a stand-alone coaching programme or part of a broader healing or therapeutic journey.


Coaching is about getting you to reach your potential, bringing flow into your life and becoming the best version of yourself; fully embodied, thriving and alive! In the process, you learn to understand yourself better, get into the drivers seat to navigate your own life, and move toward achieving your dreams, goals and desires - whether as a leader of your own life, in your business or in the corporate world.


Through coaching I help you to unearth your latent talents and hidden gifts, discover the power and presence of who you really are, develop a deeper connection with your inner guidance system and support you to walk a strong path.

Working with me as your Coach

As an in-house leadership development consultant with the NHS for many years, I am a qualified coach, Team coach and Action learning facilitator, with training in a variety of psychometric and personality testing including Savilles aptitude and behaviours, MBTI, and 360° feedback. I have consulted on Talent Management programmes across the London healthcare system supporting individual and systems leadership.


Alongside my professional development in the mainstream, I bring a wealth of transpersonal and spiritual awareness from my work in cross-cultural settings and healing spaces to craft each session creatively tailored to each individual person.


Examples of some areas of coaching that I work with:

  • Leadership Development

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (including Neurodiversity)

  • Live into your potential and creating your desired life

  • Understand who you are, your beliefs, and how they affect your life choices

  • Boost performance and enhance your skills

  • Become more focused and set the right goals that work for you

  • Develop emotional intelligence

  • Deal with interpersonal dynamics and conflicts

  • Develop a positive mindset to awaken possibilities

  • Beat procrastination and establish good habits

  • Become more productive, resourceful and purposeful

Your personal coaching programme will be designed around your needs and can range from a one-off session to a series of sessions depending on your desired outcome.



Coaching Supervision

Supervision offers an extremely valuable space for coaches to integrate awareness, experiences and to deepen skills. Through guided reflection, we bring what sits below the surface into the light of awareness to understand how your client's complex drivers interact with yours as a coach, enabling you to work with greater impact with your clients. Not only does it support the development of your skill and competence, it safeguards the quality of your work within ethical guidelines, whilst ensuring you are supporting yourself and your clients wellbeing. Trained by the International Centre for Coaching Supervision, I offer the following:

  • Individual Supervision: One-to-One support for those who prefer to go deeper on a one on one basis.

  • Group Supervision: A powerful opportunity for learning using the collective wisdom of other professional coaches and group dynamics to mirror and surface learning

"Runa has the ability to find structure within a conversation that isn't always apparent. Using useful methods to support analysis and insightful approaches to develop self awareness, she ensures that there is an action plan that comes out of each session which moves you forward.  She has a very effective style that is gentle yet empowering and persuasive"

Regional Finance Director (Health Education England)

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