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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a form of energy medicine that has been used by indigenous wisdom keepers and ancient medicine people across the world. It is a form of natural healing which treats the whole body as a unified system by restoring and renewing the human and metaphysical energy fields. The energy field contains imprints of our personal and ancestral memories; which science now refer to as epigenetics. These are programmed into our psyche and compel us towards behaviours, relationships, illnesses and experiences, as well as predisposing us to certain pathways in life.

Shamanic healing focuses on enhancing the body's own healing response and creates strong energetic conditions for good health, wellbeing and a fulfilled life.

Benefits of Energy Healing:​​

  • Develop deeper connection to purpose, self and others

  • Realignment for peace and balance

  • Increase in vitality, energy and motivation levels

  • Healing of emotional trauma and conditioning

  • Understanding limiting beliefs

  • Release stress, tension, fatigue and aid better sleep

  • Overcome mental and emotional imbalances (anger, grief, depression, fear)

  • Deal with addictive and compulsive behaviours

  • Cleanse the body of toxins and stimulate the immune system

  • Relieve chronic problems (migraines, insomnia, anxiety, blood pressure, pain)

  • Relieve the symptoms of illnesses to enhance quality of life

  • Aiding death transitions using Incan Death Rites

  • Improve intuition and creativity

  • Enhance the vibrational frequency of the body and spirit

My Approach to Energy Healing

Trained in a number of healing systems including traditional Usui Reiki, Barbara Bennan Healing Science, and the Andean Pachakuti Mesa traditions, I am also initiated into the Shamanic Q'ero lineage and hold the Munay-ki Rites. 


Highly intuitive with strong sensory perceptions, I use a combined and holistic approach tailored to the individual and personal circumstance. I work with the multi-dimensional layers of the psycho-spiritual and bio-energetic fields to dissolve blockages and realign imbalances using a number of methods, some of which may include; Energy rebalancing, Intention and purpose alignment, Spinal alignment, Organ regeneration, Incan Chakra Cleansing, Healing attunements.. to name but a few.

"Runa is a truly gifted healer, therapist and coach.
Sessions with her are very special. I got so much more out of them than I had ever imagined."

Sarka Elias (Musician & Vocal Coach)

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