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Inter-Generational Healing

It is believed by some, that humans are the sum total of previous lives and experiences along with the present one; that the human soul carries 'karma' and that memories are stored in the subconscious mind.


Whilst there are other memories, patterns and behaviours that are passed on intergenerationally through cellular memory known as epigenetics. These genetic memories are events and experiences of our parents, ancestors and behaviours inherited over time and culture. 

And then there is the 'collective unconscious', where we access pooled information through energetic connections, archetypes, primordial knowledge and the universal mind. 


The psyche consists of 4 layers – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Every incident encountered in every life is registered on all aspects of the psyche. These impressions on the psyche are what may be troubling you in this present lifetime.


Through hypnosis, I use the symptoms of the current life to make connection to your past generational life experiences. The root of the issues are then brought to the conscious fore to help understand, remove or integrate the experiences and their effects on this life, enabling me to support you to powerfully transmute their effects on your life.

Why Intergenerational Healing?

  • Understand what has influenced your character, personality, desires, and values 

  • Piece together your lifetimes, experiences, encounters and coincidences to better navigate your future

  • Activate latent creativity and talents by bringing to the conscious fore attributes held within the body of memories

  • Improve relationships by understanding why groups of interacting souls come together to balance out the laws of old contracts

  • Rewrite past soul contracts or trauma and free yourself from issues holding you back

  • Heal overt acts, obtain or powerfully offer forgiveness to heal the past

  • Free thoughts and heal trauma by reviewing life and personality traits from the perspective of a higher self

  • Explore ancestral lineages and why you are drawn to certain people, things and places

  • Simply satisfy your curiosity

"What a mind expanding experience! When I left it was hard to believe time had disappeared so fast, let alone the life affirming journey I had just been on. I didn't want to go home as my mind was racing with different pieces of an information puzzle, so I walked the streets taking in the angles of light and looking at each person and house and imagining people through the times come and go. I let myself succumb to the beauty of time and it was quite overwhelming. I let the tears roll down my face in pure admiration of it all.  I don't think I'll ever forget that walk home."

Amanda Walters

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