Runa Begum

MSc, BA (Hons), D.Hyp, Reiki Master

Having worked in the field of social development for over 15 years; exploring the complexities that exist within and between communities, dealing with the challenging nature of social justice, and developing a growing understanding of the realities of social development; the interconnection of two questions led me into the world of alternative therapy. The questions being: How do people create change? and how do people heal?

These two questions, along with my fascination with the human potential, an interest in the body’s intrinsic ability to heal and maintain itself, as well as my intrigue in the world of metaphysics led me to work with people as leaders within their own lives, using practices that holistically support the interdependent layers of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

My Approach | Bridging Worlds, Unlocking Potential and Awakening Your Being

With over 13 years in private practice, my therapeutic and healing practices are informed by traditional wisdom philosophies and grounded in contemporary psycho-spiritual processes. My training ranges extensively across western clinical methods to a number of ancient healing systems, with my shamanic work rooted in the Peruvian Q'ero Lineage.


Runa means 'to bridge worlds' and my approach to therapeutic healing is to bridge ancient cross-cultural healing practices with the modern world.  Alongside this, I am a professionally qualified coach providing talent management and leadership development to the NHS.

Whilst beyond this, on a personal and professional level my practices are nurtured through my own personal growth which enable me to live any ordinary day more vividly, sincerely and wholly embodied.

My work is intuitive, compassionate and integrative, working on the cognitive level alongside metaphysical states. With a person centred focus, I connect with you as a unique being whose experiences and conditions are specific to you. This leads the way to establishing the most appropriate methods for resolution of your issues and will usually encompass a combination of modalities along with the many tools I have acquired along my journey.  

Calm and empowering; I inspire you to reach your full potential with a commitment to awakening you to that which lies beneath, supporting you to integrate your experiences through your very own transformational healing journey.

"Runa has taken me from a scared, worried and anxious person to someone who has tools to deal with conflict, speak up and address concerns. She is trustworthy, warm, experienced and skilled. She has the ability to listen and give practical guidance for growth. She understands complex situations and dynamics very quickly and easily. Runa was not afraid to ask the BIG questions. I could have not have asked for a better coach to trust with my personal thoughts, fears and worries. I am only sad that our work is done!"

N. Francis (Speech and Language Therapist)