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Dream Group

"Every uninterpreted dream is like an unopened letter"- Carl Jung

Dream Group: Wisdom Through Dreams

Starting on Tuesday 27 September 2022

6:00pm ~ 9:00pm

12 Zoom Sessions | Weekly on Tuesdays

They say "dream yourself into the world you want to live in" but how do we achieve this if we are dreaming ourselves into a world through our unconscious conditioning and projections? Dreaming is our nature and this nature works through us every night communicating things we have not yet learnt to decode.

Understanding ourselves through our dreams allows us to work through our conflicts and shadow which often show up in the dreamscape, thereby enabling us to be more informed in how we project ourselves into the world and onto others.

Dreams are also a gateway to higher consciousness through which our soul whispers its guidance, insights and longings.


Dream Work

When a dream is shared, group members enter into the dreaming along with the dreamer, and the dream is explored from different angles. Each dream is a gift and all group members participate in a collective learning process through which possibilities emerge.

Dream Group

Using a Jungian approach alongside shamanic techniques, group wisdom, and Action Learning, this 12-week experiential programme will guide you into the insightful world of your dreams and develop your skills in how to unlock the gold from within. It will enable you to awaken to your personal freedom, your Souls purpose and its creative power.

Group Practicalities:

  • 6 participants

  • 1 online pre-programme group meeting (TBA)

  • 12 x 3 hour (Tuesday's 6-9pm GMT) online facilitated group sessions

  • 2 dreams presented per person

  • 12 dreams explored in total

  • Dream incubation, tools and techniques

  • Dream journalling

  • Recommended dream reading

Why a Dream Group?

  • Harness the power of your unconscious inner wisdom

  • Decode the language of metaphor, symbols, archetypes and associations

  • Shift from understanding things literally to symbolically

  • Understand and Integrate your shadow and inner messages

  • Reveal facets of your personality

  • Step out of shame and into authenticity

  • Expand your personal and spiritual growth

  • Be guided by your Higher Self

  • Keep opening into your truth and highest potential

  • Reveal facets of your personality

  • To live in service of your deepest Self

This work will take you on a deep journey into the dazzling world of dreams. The light that you will find there is brighter than you can imagine! NOTE: This Dream Group is not for interpreting dreams for novelty purposes, but for deep inner self healing and healing for your contribution to the collective.

Why work with me as your Dream Group Facilitator?

As a clinical hypnotherapist trained in symbolism, archetypes and non-linear thinking, I have studied Jungian Dream Psychology and have led my own dream groups for two years doing my own inner work through this very approach. I am a professional senior coach and qualified in a number of group processes.

With 10 years in the NHS in leadership development and over 15 years in private practice as a therapist and healer, I powerfully weave expertise from the fields of personal development, contemporary therapy practices and ancient wisdom philosophies.

Runa means 'to bridge worlds' and my approach to dreamwork is to bridge the dream world with the waking life to bring about therapeutic healing and psycho-spiritual change. This is led by the purpose of awakening people to their most highest expression and potential.


This 12-week programme is offered at £550 p/person for the full programme (payment plans available)

At the end of the 12 weeks you will have learnt the techniques to continue meeting as a group if you wish to do so.


To book your place or for more information please send me your expression of interest through my contact page stating Dream Group in the subject heading.

Places are limited but I look forward to welcoming you and hold the curiosity as to how the group will constellate and the synchronicities they will bring.

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