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6 Week Manifestation Programme - Mastering the Art of Creating

The start of the year is a motivating time to set discipline-based goals, however often we end up shaming ourselves for not being able to keep or achieve them. A truly gifted shaman teacher of mine once taught me about the cycles of nature and our reciprocal relationship with it; the earth is asleep during winter, in hibernation, it is a good time to go inward, to sift the seeds of the previous years harvest and take the seeds of intention for the coming year. Then to plant them in line with the thawing of winter as the earth prepares itself for spring.

This is why the Chinese New Year is a great time to plant those seeds and create the container for the coming year. This year, February 2019, is the Year of the Earth Pig - an auspicious year that is said to attract success in all areas of life. The advice is to set your priorities and then get to work; once you start moving you will get to see the results.

Clues surround us wherever we go, messages and signs, telling us how to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life in alignment with our souls calling and true to our deepest hearts desires, to fine tune our passions and turn them into purpose.

Using a powerful combination of spiritual, therapeutic and transformational methods including Hypnotherapy, Coaching, and Energy healing, I have designed a 6 week manifestation programme to help you align to your souls purpose, talents and desires, to connect to your innate navigation system along with the currents of the universe and heighten your awareness to the synchronicities that will guide you into the opportunities presented by life.

This programme will include:

  • 6 one-to-one sessions designed specifically to your own manifestation needs

  • Intention Alignment healings to energetically align you to your souls purpose

  • Techniques to surface the very things that are getting in the way

  • Getting to know your shadow and clearing the way

  • Tools to fine tune and bring clarity to exactly what you want

  • Hypnosis to plant the seeds of your desires into your creating force

  • Coaching to ensure you are moving forward

  • Experiential mentoring to create the very life you want to live

Each persons journey is unique and so the programme is tailored to work according to your own unique circumstances. For more information and a chat on how this could work for you get in Contact. It certainly worked for me ;)

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