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Who Am I? And What Do I Do?

So here I am introducing myself, and of course re-introducing myself to those who already know me, with hopes that through my work I can contribute towards a growing sense of self and an awareness of alternative medicines that can help to awaken us.

Who Am I? And What Do I Do?

In working in the field of poverty and social development - dealing with the complexities that exist within and between communities, the challenging nature of social justice, and the realities of societal development; the interconnection of two questions led me into the world of complementary therapies and into my areas of specialisation. The questions being: How do people create change for themselves? and how do people heal?

Having always had an interest in the body’s intrinsic ability to heal and maintain itself along with an intrigue in the world of metaphysics; Reiki and Hypnotherapy allow me to practice holistically on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Beyond this, I continue to explore other therapeutic practices that enable us to live any ordinary day more intensely, vividly and sincerely.


In maintaining and improving my own physical health, I stumbled upon the positive effects of Ashtanga Yoga which introduced me to the energy of the breath as a connection to the self and metaphysical energies. Meanwhile, I was introduced to Reiki through various sources and my curiosity began to grow based on my quest for knowledge in the art of healing. Having sought a scientific understanding of Reiki (satisfying my logical nature) along with my openness to people's experiences (nurturing my analytic nature), I pursued practical exploration through my own experiences (nourishing my experiential nature). A friend offered me a Reiki treatment, during which my state of relaxation, peace and calmness was felt immensely. With further practice and knowledge it gave me a sound appreciation that Reiki is a deeply personal experience, a means to enhance personal growth, reduce stress, restore balance, and promote feelings of peace and security. This led me to training in Reiki, not only enabling me to share the benefits of Reiki but also heightening my own awareness of the interconnection of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.


I was drawn to hypnotherapy through my interest in the human psyche as I began to realise that we all have the wisdom and ability to create positive change for ourselves. But often we are held back by attitudes and beliefs that diminish our self esteem, block our creativity, and limit our resourcefulness. Fortunately, we never lose the ability to heal ourselves - no matter how stuck we may feel! Hypnotherapy is a holistic science that allows to naturally access the mind's own healing ability.

Modern science recognises three different states of the human mind - the conscious state, the subconscious state, and the unconscious state. While the conscious state is easily understood to be a state of complete awareness of the immediate environment, the other two states of mind are separated by only a thin line of distinction. A subconscious state is a situation where the mind is dimly aware of the immediate environment, and is functioning on the basis of past information. An unconscious state however, is where there is no awareness and the brain is carrying out only the routine activities mechanically but not intelligently. This is where our feelings, core beliefs, defences and old programming keep issues locked into place and manifest themselves in our actions. Through safe and gentle hypnosis techniques, I guide the mind into a state of deep relaxation in order to release the attitudes and beliefs that hold us back.

So there you are, a brief intro to me and my first installment for those of you interested in therapeutic practices. I look forward to writing more specifically about their uses, my methods, techniques and their benefits.

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